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EasyWeb Alpha 8

User: Paul-RAGESW 7 years ago
New version of EasyWeb Available (alpha 8)

MARCH 20th
- photo gallery doesn't show weird character anymore
- gradient colors for content background now properly update the canvas
- rss feed gets the proper date for atom feeds
- rss feed gets title for atom feed
- faster scrolling
- faster loading of websites/pages
- reflections with shapes with borders now draws at the correct position
- can now vertical align image gallery images (text options-> vertical align)
- image galleries now export with shadows and frames properly
- tooltips for the inspector window
- widgets get dropped in the correct location when scrollbars are scrolled
- fixed links being exported with underline if they were the first link in a paragraph
- fixed a bug when using vertical alignment for text -> used margin: instead of just margin-top
- improved exporting vertical alignment for text objects
- text menu items will update properly for navbars
- font size bigger/smaller menu items work with navbars
- you can now use Titlecase/Uppercase and lowercase menu items on navigation bar
- pages in web page list don't replace spaces with - anymore
- fixed problem with not assigning text encodings properly when loading websites
- re-ording pages no longer causes other pages to get their design
- should fix crash with widgets added in older versions of EasyWeb (should still remove and re-add any widgets to your site)

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