Viewing Paste and match style in blog post editor

Paste and match style in blog post editor

User: Bob V. 7 months ago
Good morning from Brisbane, Australia.

Do you have any plans to introduce the capability to 'paste and match style' into the blog post editor? It's available for standard web pages, but doesn't appear to be available in the blog post editor.

I cut and paste quite a lot of material from other sources into my blog posts, but have had to resort to pasting text into an Apple Pages document, to clean up fonts and formatting (trying to do it in the blog post editor is a pain), before copying and pasting the text into an EverWeb blog post. It slows down the whole editing process quite a bit.
User: EverWeb Support 7 months ago
Hi Bob,

We have passed your suggestion on to our internal team, and they will look into the possibility of implementing this feature in a future version release of EverWeb.



EverWeb Technical Support Team

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User: Lance L. 3 months ago
Bump. This is basic, surely.

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