Viewing My bad expérience with "Theme Kit Gallery" Widgets

My bad expérience with "Theme Kit Gallery" Widgets

User: Richard M. 10 months ago
I would like to share a bad experience I had with "Theme Kit Gallery" Widgets that I bought for more than 200€ and many more, indeed on paper they work very well and look very nice, in any case on the seller's site, but once in real use it's another story!

Already if you look at the list of ICON (attached image) we cannot distinguish the full name of the Widget because the text is too long and hidden !!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY !! Do you find that normal ? This is not serious.

My experience is as follows, I used the ThemeKit Accordion Gallery with ThemeKit Reveal Gallery simultaneously on the same page and it's a disaster.

If you use the same widget several times on the same page, it doesn't work, if you associate these two widgets on the same page it doesn't work either.

The Widgets are incompatible with each other or there is a problem that I do not control, I have tried everything, empty the cache of my browser, of Everweb, I have taken care that my images do not have special characters like spaces or accents, but nothing helps.

In addition sometimes it works with Firefox and not Safari, Chrome do not even talk about it nothing works with !!

I wanted to thank the EverWeb team who always answer my questions and concerns, they can't help it because they are not the ones who write these Widgets, but can I allow myself a suggestion?

Wouldn't it make more sense for you to validate Widgets from third-party developers? And this in order to avoid a lot of inconvenience and ESPECIALLY TIME, as far as I'm concerned I lost 8 days and I have to start all over again, all the big software companies do that, they don't allow the Widget so much that it is not validated by the developer team of the said company, that seems logical, doesn't it?

I am not a developer but still have a scientific streak since I am a Telecom Engineer, I have almost more difficulty making a site than managing a satellite!!! I thought EverWeb was much more stable and simple, but again I don't want to blame the team for doing what they can, but you have to admit that there are still a lot of things to improve even if the software itself is not too bad.

In any case, I've been on this site for a year and I'm not making any progress, I always have a problem at one time or another, but hey, that's how it is… there's nothing to be done except stay calm and do it all over again.


Sorry if the attached image is not present but I followed the link menu scrupulously but it never works when I try to attach an image.

Really I'm really unlucky with EverWeb

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User: Richard M. 10 months ago
Test again to join a image
User: Paul-RAGESW 10 months ago
Hi Richard,

Sorry for the issues.

The Widget names are improved in version 4.0 so if they are longer they will appear correctly.

I do not know where Roddy is, but if you open a ticket and send us the widgets, your project file and some descriptions of the issues and where the issues are, we can see if we can fix the bugs for you

EverWeb Developer
User: Richard M. 10 months ago
Hi Paul and thanks to you for your reply, why not but You're going to tell me everything works or it's a Widget problem, but indeed I really would like you to tell me what I'm doing wrong, because maybe it's me, but I doubt it , it's still easy to use.

Best Paul and thanks
User: Richard M. 10 months ago
Hi Paul,

I sent you the page with problem and a brief explanation, please forget the first ticket.

Hope you can solve my problem 😩

Best and thanks by advance.

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