Viewing Third Party Widgets problem EverWeb-Widgets (Roddy) HELP ! I AM ALONE ?

Third Party Widgets problem EverWeb-Widgets (Roddy) HELP ! I AM ALONE ?

User: Richard M. 3 months ago
I come here completely disgusted because I have just wasted another 8 days with EverWeb-Widgets (Roddy) Widgets and in particular the Theme kit gallery and Accordion slideshow Widgets.

At the beginning of the realization of my page everything seemed to work, but after 8 days of work nothing works correctly, the widgets have a completely erratic behavior, and particularly the Accordion Widgets which one day work and another not !!!!!! !!!!!!!!

My question is simple, and I ask you to be really honest With me, am I the only one having these problems? If so, what should I do to avoid these problems? What should I do to resolve them?

I know that Everweb Team does not guarantee these Third Party Widgets, but still they should work a minimum right?

Contact Roddy? Yes I want to but he no longer answers! Well ok we are on vacation and I know he must be annoyed by my messages, but believe me, it does not make me happy not only to waste so much time but above all energy and my goal is not is not to be boring but now I don't know what to do, I will have to start all my work from A to Z again.

Please help me

User: EverWeb Support 3 months ago
Hi RIchard,

I am really sorry to hear that you have these kinds of issues. We understand that Roddy doesn't reply for some reason, but he would be the only person to contact regarding his widgets.

Please let me ask if you already had a look at our partner's website,, with a big number of various widgets that are compatible with the latest EverWeb versions?

I suggest you giving it a try, and perhaps you will see some viable replacements for those widgets that stopped working.

EverWeb Customer Support
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User: Richard M. 3 months ago
Hi and thanks for your prompt reply, I really appreciate

The problem is that I have more than 20 pages with these Widgets not working! if I have to replace everything I will have to start all my work again!!

I don't mind admitting that I'm doing something wrong, but in that case I'd like to know what I'm doing wrong! but the I do not understand, more and am completely disassembled.

Thank you for your reply
User: Richard M. 3 months ago

Does is possible to speak with you via Mail or Chat ? please send me an email I would want to suggest you something.

Best and thanks
User: Paul-RAGESW 3 months ago
Hi Ricahrd,

You can contact us through our support system using the Open Ticket link above.

EverWeb Developer
User: Jennifer S. one month ago
I am in the same boat with Roddy. I purchased a set of widgets years ago and the one for mobile podcasts has worked brilliantly until 5 days ago. HIs is the only one that does what we need and now years of podcasts are worthless. I get that you cannot fix what Roddy is responsible for but if you are talking with him about the user above, please ask him to respond to my email as well.
User: Paul-RAGESW one month ago
Hi Jennifer,

Sorry to hear you are having issues. If your issues started with EverWeb 4.0 then we are currently fixing an issue with it that affects some widgets. If you contact us, we can send you a new version of EverWeb that might fix the issue for you.

EverWeb Developer
User: Jennifer S. one month ago
Thank you! This did begin with the upgrade to 4.0! Please send me the link when you can.
All the best,

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