Viewing Problem with Themekit Reveal Gallery Widget

Problem with Themekit Reveal Gallery Widget

User: Richard M. one month ago
Hi all,

Has anyone tested this excellent widget which unfortunately does not work when there are 3 in the same page!

Only the first of my page works in animation but not the other 2! only the animation of the first works but not the others.

Thank you for your help, I tried to contact Rody but unfortunately he no longer answers and I am blocked.
User: EverWeb Support one month ago
Hi Richard,

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this widget.

We recommend that you try reaching out to the developer from his website.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the compatibility of the third party widgets since we don't have access to their source code.

If you need any EverWeb related assistance, please let us know.

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User: Richard M. one month ago
Thank you for your feedback but unfortunately I don't know if it's related to Everweb or this Widget, what I can say is that on a blank test page it works with the minimum of things, on the other hand on a page where im y- has several widgets from this developer it no longer works, so there is a conflict.

Best and thanks
User: Paul-RAGESW one month ago
Hi Richard,

I have sent an an email to Roddy about this.

EverWeb Developer
User: Roddy 23 days ago
Sorry about the delay, I did email you quite some time ago and have sent another email today.


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