Viewing Domain exclusivity

Domain exclusivity

User: Enrico F. one year ago

Maybe an odd question but can't find an answer. I want to purchase a new domain and add it to my account. What I would like to find out - will the new domain be completely isolated from my existing domain (other than for accounting purposes). In other words, is there any way that someone surfing could find a link between my existing domain and the new domain I intend to purchase and create a website for. Obviously, I am not including any links to the existing site. I just want to make sure they will be completely separate.

Hopefully this makes sense.

Thanks - Ric
User: wellnl one year ago
HI Ric

I've got about 5 different domain names which I use for work and hobby and none is liked to the other. The only way to find this out would be to find the name of the purchaser of the domain name (which I think is recorded at ICANN) then search for other domains linked to that person. I think if you search ICANN this kind of info is not easily discoverable so you would have to be determined to do this...

Long story short... I don't think you would have any problem here... :)
User: Enrico F. one year ago
Thanks so much for the reply! I think that with ID protection for a domain, it would almost take a legal action to get the owner's info from ICANN, or at least a true justification to need it.

Anyway, you have answered my question and your time to respond is greatly appreciated!
User: Enrico F. one year ago

It turns out to be very easy to find an association between the domains if you are using a secure website (https) and EW hosting with multiple domains. Just view the certificate for the website and it will show as "".

And just like that, anyone can see that my secondary domain is owned/tied to the primary domain. The only way to avoid this, I am told, is to purchase yet another web hosting package from EW and transfer "mysubdomain" to it so they are completely separated.

It would have been nice to have someone from EW chime in here before I spent my time/money on this. It would also be nice if EW came up with a better solution to the problem or offered a discounted webhosting package so it wouldn't cost another $100 to separate the two. Now I am stuck with either a non-secure website on the subdomain or shell out the money for a separate account. Not what I was hoping for.

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