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Password breach

User: Ian T. 13 days ago
Just a heads up, hope it’s appropriate to post here. But Apple informed me my Everweb password was part of a data breach and I needed to change it immediately. I have no idea if it’s a limited problem but thought I should alert other subscribers to Everweb.
User: EverWeb Support 12 days ago
Hi Ian,

Could you please open a ticket with us and send this notification you received?

EverWeb Customer Support
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User: Paul-RAGESW 11 days ago
Hi Ian,

There has not been a data breach on our end.

The message you received was because the password you have used for your EverWeb account is the same, or is similar, as one you have used on another website or service that has been breached.

This is indicated in the link you sent us;

iPhone can monitor your passwords and alert you if they appear in known data leaks.

This has nothing to do with our services or any customer data on our end. All passwords are one way encrypted. We do not even have the ability to lookup your account password.

EverWeb Developer

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