Viewing EverWeb 3.9.5 Released: Improvements for Mac & Windows

EverWeb 3.9.5 Released: Improvements for Mac & Windows

User: Paul-RAGESW one year ago
We've worked really hard on EverWeb for Windows, making substantial improvements and updates based on all the great feedback we got from our users.

EverWeb 3.9.5 is now released with imported updates for both Mac & Windows.

You can download EverWeb 3.9.5 for Mac & Windows from our website, or using the Check for Update feature within the software.

[NEW] Widgets that have a setting for images can now have an image dropped on them in the Design Canvas (Text Section, PayPal and more)

CHANGES in EverWeb 3.9.5

[FIX] Stripe Widget fixes when you have muiltiple widgets on one page

[FIX] Password protection works properly on Windows

[FIX] Fixed previewing directory pages within EverWeb

[FIX] Deleting a project on Windows moves it to the recycling bin instead of deleting it right way

[FIX] Fixed blog pagination not appearing sometimes

[FIX] Fixes for Shape Fill->Image Slider option

[FIX] Image Slider widget fixes on responsive sites

[FIX] Fixed inspector scrolling in Windows

[FIX] Improvements to iWeb gallery import

[FIX] Fixed various crashes on Windows

[FIX] Fixes for site search keywords

[FIX] Improvements to certain font styling not appearing bold on publish

[FIX] Line Shapes with rotation applied will now export properly

[FIX] Lots of fixes for EverWeb For Windows

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