Viewing Membership Sites using EverWeb

Membership Sites using EverWeb

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User: TC B. one month ago
EverWeb Support Team,

Are Templates for Membership Sites on EverWeb only available through Pre-Payment, $299 per each website?

OR, is it possible to create a Membership Site using tools & Template within the Software to set everything up?

Thank You for Your Support!

User: EverWeb Support one month ago
Hi TC,

I'm not sure which "Membership Sites on EverWeb" you are referring to, but all the templates are included in our applications and are available for use in any of our plans.
If you need assistance, please open a ticket with us.

EverWeb Customer Support
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User: TC B. one month ago
Here's the linkage to the limited info I found on The EverWeb Site.

Click Here!
User: wellnl one month ago
At the moment Membership Sites are not yet available in EverWeb but are coming soon (as you can see in the Client Area). More information will come when the new feature is available including pricing and features.

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