Viewing EverWeb 3.9.5 beta for Mac & Windows Now Available

EverWeb 3.9.5 beta for Mac & Windows Now Available

User: Paul-RAGESW one year ago
UPDATE: 3.9.5 has been released, download here:

We have a new beta version of EverWeb for Mac & Windows.

We have focused on many improvements in the EverWeb for Windows version but this update also brings important updates and fixes to EverWeb for Mac as well.

UPDATE: 3.9.5 has been released, download here:

[NEW] Many widgets will accept an image dragged on to them including; PayPal Widget, Text Section and more
[FIX] Stripe Widget fixes
[FIX] Fixed some fonts not appearing as bold as they should when published
[FIX] Line shapes now export properly when using rotation
[FIX] Using local server preview you can now properly preview directories with no child items
[FIX] When you delete a project on Windows from the Projects window it is moved to the recycling bin
[FIX] Responsive message displays correctly on Windows in the Design Canvas
[FIX] Flashing for some widgets when updating has been removed
[FIX] Blog pagination would sometimes not appear
[FIX] Fixes for the Image Slider Fill option
[FIX] Styled text editor for widgets in the inspector has been improved on Windows
[FIX] Fix some crashes when there are thousands of assets and using certain widgets on Windows
[FIX] Some adjustments and fixes for importing iWeb Photo Galleries
[FIX] Lots of minor fixes and improvements

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User: Roddy one year ago
The download link doesn't download the update.


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User: Paul-RAGESW one year ago
Hi Roddy,

You can download from the downloads pages now

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