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Contact Form Enhanced -- Contract Application

User: Les C. one year ago
I am using the Enhanced Form widget to create an online contract as well as release for clients that would include custom fields.

After completing the documents, they need to be submitted with executed copies sent to me and to the client (as well as kept in the EW manager).

Here are the issues I am trying to overcome (in order of importance):

1. I need to have the legal text included as part of the email copies. If I add that text in the Confirmation Email text box, it will not be included in the webmaster email.

If I place the text in a Text Box in the form, it will be included in both client and webmaster emails, but the text is editable online, which I can't have.

If I place the text in a Header or Description form field, I can't put paragraph separators in, which makes a multi-page contract a nightmare to read. I also can't stylize the text to make it more readable (i.e., increase to line spacing).


2. When the emails are sent out, there is a stylized copy that is sent to me and at messy mixed-format version sent to the client. How can I get a stylized copy sent to the client?

If I set up a mail forwarder, the client will end up getting two emails and the webmaster version will have additional unnecessary data included, such as number of submissions and space used in my EW Contact Forms account.

Is there a way to send just a stylized version of the form to a client?

3. When form fields are placed in a contract that may appear in the middle of a sentence, it doesn't appear that I can modify those field widths. In other words, I would need to write part of a sentence, place a form field on the next line, then continue the sentence on the next line.

Is there another, cleaner way to do this?


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User: EverWeb Support one year ago
Hi Les,

Thanks for reaching out!

1. Is the contract supposed to be the same for every user, or should it get customized? You may consider having the contract placed separately, and then making the submitters consent to it when they are sending out the form, for example.

2. The stylized copy should be set up together with the "Confirmation Email." There, you can include all the necessary information that you wish your submitters to get.

3. This seems to be the only way of doing it.

Please consider using a different approach, and let our support team know if you need more personalized assistance.

EverWeb Customer Support
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User: Les C. one year ago
Thanks for your reply!

1. As with most contracts, there will be a certain amount of customization (names, dates, amounts, text fields to fill in, etc.). In this case, it's minimal. Nonetheless, I would not be able be able to place a concrete body of language on a page that would apply to everyone and that everyone could agree to.

2. How do I include the stylized copy of the form with the Confirmation Email? I haven't been able to find the steps of how do to that anywhere.

**There is stlll the OVERRIDING issue of how do I get a copy of the contract text included in the email (as outlined in point #1 of my post).

3. Good to know. It ends up being a bit clunky, but I can make it work. I presume that the number of multiple forms that I will need to create won't be an issue for EW, i.e., one for today's date, one for the client's name, one for the start date, one for term #1, etc.

**Also, I need to have a way to submit all of these forms...won't they each require their own submit button? Hmm.


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User: Les C. one year ago
Giving this some more thought, the three simplest solutions I can come up with would be for EW to:

1. The Best—have a checkbox that allows a simple text window to be included along with the form fields.

2. Offer the option to have a Text Area (Control Type) Default Value (under the Text Field Options) as non-edible when posted (not sure why you would want anything on a site editable to begin with).

3. Offer the option to have the Confirmation Email sent to the webmaster as well as the client, which would allow the inclusion of non-form field text.

A distant fourth option would be to allow paragraph separators in Description and/or Header fields. I know there are a number of ways to key these in (return, shift+return, code), but the ones I am familiar with don't work. This, however, is an awkward solution—imagine having to scroll through the text of a multi-page document placed in a very small Forms Control label window.

Just some ideas.


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User: Les C. one year ago
The more I delve into this snag by creating page layouts in EW, the more I am convinced that the only practical way to handle it would be to create a simple text box field Form Control (without any frames, please) with non-editable type that can be placed in the form.

I would think that it could be a relatively easy code and give EW Form Enhanced subscribers a lot more options in creating a variety of forms if they would have the option of 'placeholder' text.



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User: Les C. one year ago
After more reflection and testing, the easiest solution would be the ability to capture the entire page as a PDF and include it along with the submission email as an attachment. It would also be nice to have it made as part the EW Contact Forms Enhanced repository. Of course, having the system do a scan prior to ensure that all the required fields of the form have been filled out before submission would be great as well.

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