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EW Ticket Management

User: Les C. one year ago
Hi Team,
Whenever I create a Ticket with EW and begin a dialog with tech support, none of the previous conversations are included in the messaging.

Not only am I forced to look up the details of the previous conversation(s), but I often have to resubmit my previous notes and attachments to EW.

It would be great if you would allow the chain of conversation be included in all Ticket communications.

User: EverWeb Support one year ago
Hi Les,

Most likely, you are creating a new ticket, instead of chatting in the old one.

Please note that we have not put any restrictions on this. It's more like setting up your email client.

Hope this helps.

EverWeb Customer Support
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User: Les C. one year ago
Hi Admin,
I'm not creating a new ticket, but rather responding to an open one.

When I get a response back from tech support, my original request (and subsequent responses) are not included, which forces me to have to go through my sent emails and review my previous email.

Also, I will get tech support agents asking me to write back asking for information I had sent over in a previous email making what may already be a complex task to solve even more difficult. It all seems unnecessary.

I hope this better clarifies this situation.


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