Viewing being able to move the window that has the Post Options

being able to move the window that has the Post Options

User: Paul H. 18 days ago
I try to add serious and useful keywords and a Short summary to all of our blog posts. If I click on the wheel for 'Post options' the window appears where I can add the keywords and the summary of the blog post. However, that window blocks my view of the original Blog post. Highly annoying I cannot move that window to a different spot to be able to see the text of the blog post and then type the keywords most relevant by reading the actual post.

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The way the window blocks my view on the original content
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User: EverWeb Support 18 days ago
Hi Paul,

Thanks for the suggestion!

We have passed it to the devs team. Hopefully, you will see this feature added in one of the future updates.

EverWeb Customer Support
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User: wellnl 18 days ago
Hoi Paul

You can actually resize the window even if you cannot move it, so just grab the bottom right or left corner of the window and then resize. that may make it easier to see the content of the post. But yes, it's nicer if you could move the window itself!

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