Viewing Ability to add a second photo for shape fill

Ability to add a second photo for shape fill

User: Jesse M. 10 months ago
Would love to see the option to add a second photo that would be defaulted to once the browser hit a specific width or size (mobile). We could add a smaller or different shaped version of the background fill photo that would replace the larger version so that objects and text over the photo would lay out better once it adjusted to the new browser size.
User: EverWeb Support 10 months ago
Hi Jesse,

Thanks for your suggestion. Please elaborate, are you currently speaking about the Responsive layout?

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User: Jesse M. 10 months ago
Yes, the responsive layout. As of now, if I create a responsive row with a photo as the background fill, I can add a Textbox or drop in the Flexbox widget and create overlay text that I can push off to the side so that it only covers a certain portion of the background photo. It looks great until it reaches the mobile (phone) screen size. The text then fully covers the background image. If I add a second text box and leave it blank, but set the width to the same size as the other textbox, it will leave the top of the background photo open and push the text to the bottom of the photo. That would work great if the photo itself could change into one that was created with empty space on the bottom and the main focus of the image on the top. For example, use a wider horizontal photo for the desktop size photo, and then change to a more vertical type photo when resized into mobile. Hope this makes sense.

I know this can be accomplished by simply using text and a separate photo (side by side in desktop) that will stack on top of each other when resized to mobile, but I am trying to create a specific look and function. Hopefully this will be able to be done at some point:)
User: Elena C. 10 months ago
would be great! nice idea

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