Viewing Force Dark Mode option

Force Dark Mode option

User: Daz L. one year ago
Just wondering if theres already an option somewhere to enable dark mode in everweb when the OS (big sur) is set to light mode, as is available in most creative apps - if not I think this could be a useful feature.

Also another feature I really miss, that is available in Affinity is when selecting an asset on the page would autoscroll to that asset in the assets panel, which is a little detail but it really does make a difference to workflow
User: Daz L. one year ago
I see that it does autoscroll - but would be super handy if it was possible to change the highlight colour to stand out a little more?
User: wellnl one year ago
Hi Daz

there's no way at present to manually set dark mode on in EverWeb so I guess this would be a feature request.

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