Viewing Facebook woes

Facebook woes

User: Mike B. 10 months ago
I have been putting together a website about a film i love - Rollerball.

On the site i added the Facebook thread widget. But in some browsers it doesn't load?!

this is my site so you can see what i mean..

Has anyone else experienced this?

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User: EverWeb Support 10 months ago
Hi Mike,

I checked your site in Safari and Chrome and everything works fine. Please specify in which browsers you are experiencing difficulties?

Also please try clearing your browser cache. Instructions below:

1. For Safari, go to top menu bar > Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Manage Website data, find your site in the window that appears, select it and click "Remove". Then restart your browser.

2. For Firefox

3. For Chrome

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User: Mike B. 10 months ago
Hello, thank you for your quick response.

I did what you said but i still get this on the front page..

On chrome & brave it seems to work better however the messaging doesn't work there either..

Is this only happening to me?
User: Paul-RAGESW 10 months ago
Hi Mike,

If you are visiting your page from within the EU it is possible the new EU regulations is causing the Facebook widget to not load. More information about this is on Facebook's page;

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