Viewing Extra Checks for Publish Entire Site

Extra Checks for Publish Entire Site

User: Liane O. 12 days ago
I've asked for this before and I'm asking again: please, please (pretty please) could you add another check for publishing the entire site?

It's so easy to select this by mistake when you mean to publish only site changes.

For large websites this mistake is very costly with thousands of files unnecessarily being republished.
User: EverWeb Support 12 days ago
Hi Liane,

Thanks for your feedback. Your suggestion has already been considered by our developers.
Hopefully, the feature will become available in one of the future updates.

Have a good one!

EverWeb Customer Support
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User: Courtney H. 8 days ago
I add my vote. I've clicked on publish entire site several times by mistake and then waited 40 minutes for the 291 graphics heavy pages it to finish. Kinda destroys my workflow...
When you have two opposite-meaning buttons next to each other:
Someone will always accidently push the wrong one.

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