Viewing Time Machine backup

Time Machine backup

User: James P. 4 months ago
My computer has been getting slower and Etrecheck indicates the hard drive may be failing. I have the hard drive backed up on a external drive. If I install from the back-up on a new MAC will Everweb still work?
User: wellnl 4 months ago
Hi James

Everything should work OK as Time Machine should restore EverWeb and the project files to their original default locations on your new Mac.
If you need or want to you can always redownload EverWeb from the everwebapp website to your new computer(or if you don't have a current license you can download your last purchased version from your EverWeb Client Area).

Project Files are stored in your Mac's Library-> Application Support-> EverWeb folder. You can easily make a copy of the project file to an SSD if you want. from the projects window in EverWeb. Just right click on the up/down arrow to the right of the Project file and select Show on Disk, then copy the file to your SSD. This could be useful as a manual back up for you if you need it. If you do need it you will need to copy the file from the SSD back the Library-> Application Support-> EverWeb folder on your new Mac.

The Time Machine backup/restore should work without issues though so the manual steps I've outlined are really for extra safety if you need to use them! Hopefully not :)

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