Viewing Time Machine backup

Time Machine backup

User: James P. one year ago
My computer has been getting slower and Etrecheck indicates the hard drive may be failing. I have the hard drive backed up on a external drive. If I install from the back-up on a new MAC will Everweb still work?
User: wellnl one year ago
Hi James

Everything should work OK as Time Machine should restore EverWeb and the project files to their original default locations on your new Mac.
If you need or want to you can always redownload EverWeb from the everwebapp website to your new computer(or if you don't have a current license you can download your last purchased version from your EverWeb Client Area).

Project Files are stored in your Mac's Library-> Application Support-> EverWeb folder. You can easily make a copy of the project file to an SSD if you want. from the projects window in EverWeb. Just right click on the up/down arrow to the right of the Project file and select Show on Disk, then copy the file to your SSD. This could be useful as a manual back up for you if you need it. If you do need it you will need to copy the file from the SSD back the Library-> Application Support-> EverWeb folder on your new Mac.

The Time Machine backup/restore should work without issues though so the manual steps I've outlined are really for extra safety if you need to use them! Hopefully not :)
User: Richard B. 10 months ago
I am really confused about file saving. I thought I was using the Everweb Backup facility to Dropbox but have found that was accidentally reset some while ago so nothing saved there.
I have a problem at the moment and have identified the last clean Publish date as 22 December 2022 so looked in Time machine as a possible reload but nothing there either.= - or maybe I am looking under the wrong name.
I see that Wellnl (above) says the files will be (should be) on my MAC Library>Apps Support>Everweb folder but I cannot find the basic "library" file in Finder.
I need my hand holding about this............please can anyone help. I just want to get to the source of the existing Published version so I can start again from there. Richard
User: wellnl 10 months ago
Hi James

OK, no stress! EverWeb can backup your project file to where you want it to be backed up to using File-> Preferences-> Backup. Set the location you want to back up to using the 'Select' button. You can also set the number of backups to keep and when you want the backup to happen (e.g. daily, weekly etc.)

This is EverWeb's own backup scheme.

You also should backup your computer and this should also include anything important on your local computer. This computer backup should also include your EverWeb Project file. So you have two backups which is great for peace of mind.

You should check to see where your project file is located. If you launch EverWeb and see your file in the Projects Window then the file will be in the Library-> Application Support-> EverWeb folder. You can use the arrow to the right of the filename, then choose Show On Disk to see its location.

if the project file is in Dropbox then Dropbox will probably back it up. Time Machine will not back up Dropbox as it's a cloud service. So you may need to find out if there is a dropbox backup.

Long story short, use EverWeb's backup feature to make a local backup. Use Dropbox (iCloud etc) for backing your project to a cloud service.

Hope that helps!

Simon (wellNL)
User: Richard B. 10 months ago
Thank you.
What I need to do is re-load from a backup on Time Machine which you say files are at Library>Apps Support>Everweb folder but I cannot find the basic "library" file in Finder. Maybe I am looking for the wrong name? I am on OS 10.14.6
User: wellnl 10 months ago
HI Richard!

OK, the project file will have a '.everweb' file extension and any backups EverWeb itself makes will have a '.ewbackup' extension. You can check the location of any everweb made backup files using EverWeb-> Preferences-> Backup. You should see your backup directory in the Backup Location box. Click on 'Show on Disk' to see the files that have been backed up in that location.

Hope that helps further.
User: Richard B. 10 months ago
Simon, thank you so much for your continued advice. I must be really thick, but the important thing is that I decided to rebuild parts of my website ( and managed to get a clean publish last evening.
What a learning curve. Firstly, I found that somehow my Everweb backup instruction to Dropbox had been cleared, hence no backup since July 2020 - Not helpful, but now rectified.
Secondly, I have failed totally to locate anything "everweb" on my time machine after all sorts of searches. This is very worrying. Time machine is directed to a separate storage device but I cannot understand why Everweb is not there amongst all my other stuff. Time Machine was supposed to be my first point of call for anything I need to revisit.
This seems very basic to me, and although I have solved my immediate problem I shall pursue to get a reason just in case I need something like this in future.
User: Richard B. 10 months ago
Simon, just to close this loop, I have found a really good article from Rage SW which explains everything "Backup" in simple terms. For Time Machine it says
"If you are wanting to restore from a local backup, e.g. from Apple’s Time Machine, you will need to find where the Project file is located. Again, click on the up/down arrows to the right of your Project file in the Projects Window then choose the Show on Disk menu option. With the Project file highlighted, press Command+Spacebar and enter ‘Time Machine’. Double click on the Time Machine app, which will then locate all of the backup copies of your Project file from which you can choose to restore. "
The link is at

I now understand.

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