Viewing Web page not updating

Web page not updating

User: Gregory T. one month ago
Hello everyone,

I have the current year on the very bottom of my master page to show on my website and only have about 4 pages on my website.
I also have a mobile version.

I've changed the date to 2022 on the master page and in the editor all pages have updated.
When I publish, the browser is still showing 2021. I've deleted the cache from my Safari and it still shows. I've also looked at it in Chrome on a PC and it is having the same problem.

I also just loaded the page on Microsoft Edge for the very first time using that browser and it shows 2021.

How do I get it updated?

The publish section of the software has limited choices and I've published every page one by one.


PS. Chrome on my iMac has the MP3 player all messed up - but it shows ok in Chrome on the PC. Can't figure it.
User: EverWeb Support one month ago
Hi Gregory,

I've checked your and I can confirm it's not a cache issue.
You've changed the year on the Studio page only.
Please open a ticket with us, so we could check your project file.

EverWeb Customer Support
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