Viewing Blogging course?

Blogging course?

User: Anita W. 5 months ago
Does Everweb have a course or tutorial on "how to make money blogging with everweb"? Are there courses for scrappy single moms to afford to learn? I've been using EW for my wahm service biz for a long time, but never blogged.
User: EverWeb Support 5 months ago
Hi Anita,

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, we do not have anything like that to offer, as blogging in EverWeb is not different from blogging on other platforms.

Perhaps, you will be able to find a similar course on the web.

EverWeb Customer Support
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User: Courtney H. 5 months ago
Anita -
Are you talking about blogs you do under your name or ghost write for others?

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