Viewing Publish newest blog post only

Publish newest blog post only

User: Lance L. 2 months ago
I'm hoping this feature is in the works. It really is horribly inefficient the way adding or editing a single blog post results in all blog posts being republished. Rather sad if like me you have over 400 posts.
User: EverWeb Support 2 months ago
Hi Lance,

Thank you for your question.

You can publish new blogs by going to top menu bar - > File - > Publish Site Changes.

Let me know if any questions arise.

EverWeb Customer Support
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User: Paul-RAGESW 2 months ago
Hi Lance,

By default, only the latest blog posts are published.

The only way all blog posts will publish is if you make a change to the actual design of the blog post page.

If you are seeing something different then this, please clarify which version of EverWeb you are using and we can work from there to figure out the issue.

EverWeb Developer

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