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How do transfer web site to new domain on another account?

User: Linda S. 2 years ago
I designed a website for our volunteer fire company and saved it on a folder of a domain on my account. Now they opened their own everweb account with their domain. We share a dropbox to collaborate but every time she tries to publish it using her account and domain, it publishes to the folder on my domain not their domain. How can I fix this???? The only solution I can see is publishing the site via FTP but I don't have the required settings to FTP to an everweb account. I know this is possible because they used to provide FTP when I joined Everweb many years ago and still use FTP when needed.
Is there something in the .everweb file we share that contains publishing info. it is now on [redacted] but it needs to be on [redacted]

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User: EverWeb Support 2 years ago
Hi Linda,

Thanks for reaching out.

They should use their own account details in order to publish the project file.
If you were the last person to edit it, the publishing settings must have been saved within the project file.

Hence, they should download the project file and store it locally. Log in to their own EverWeb account, and then make sure that the Publishing Settings are correcrly set up.

Hope this helps.

If you need more assistance, please open a support ticket with us.

Note: out of security reasons, I will remove the URLs from the forum post you left here.

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