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Generating responsive websites

User: Bill W. one year ago
In my search for a superior web design software I’ve tried many.

I’m very interested in purchasing and trying the Everweb standalone program.
My question is regarding the two ways of producing a responsive website. Upon reading the material, one can make a responsive site from a full page, or creating a standalone 320-360 mobile site through the linkage feature.

I’ve yet to get my head around both ways, but which is a better means of producing?

As well, does the tryout software include the use of both?

My sites are design critical. Most viewers, about 70% are using mobile.
Many thanks
User: wellnl one year ago
Hi Bob!

Yes, with EverWeb you can create responsive pages or fixed width (desktop and mobile) pages. If you use a responsive page design it will automatically resize to fit the device that the page is being displayed upon so you only need to create one page. If you use a fixed width page layout, you will need to create a page for desktop devices and an equivalent page for mobile devices. You then link the two pages together so you get the right page type displayed on the right device at all times.

If you're new to web design you may find creating fixed width pages easier to begin with. Creating a fixed width site is conceptually easier than a creating a responsive one. Responsive web design has a bit of a learning curve but the EverWeb User Manual does include a complete chapter on responsive design to help you.

The trial version of EverWeb includes both page types, in fact everything the full product has except for the ability to publish. If you create a site and then purchase EverWeb, you won't lose any of your work either.

Hope this helps!

User: Bill W. one year ago
Simon. Exactly what I wanted to hear. I much prefer designing for each variant separately, from a blank canvass. Thank you for your prompt answer. I’ll continue with the learning videos and the try out.
I’ve come from a windows background and really enjoy Everweb on my Mac.

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