Viewing Desktop - Mobile redirects to allow indexing by Google

Desktop - Mobile redirects to allow indexing by Google

User: Richard D. 5 months ago
Googlebot prioritises mobile sites. If you have a desktop design with mobile pages these need to be linked and identified in a way to be seen by the bot, else you will be notified of mobility errors and be penalised in indexing.

I discovered the hard way and have spent many hours learning about it and resolving it by entering manual code. According to Google documentation the site needs three pieces of information.

1) A reference in a desktop URL to the relative mobile one.

2) A reference in the mobile page back to the relative desktop URL.

3) Additionally a correct sitemap identifying the mobile pages would also be useful.

Everweb does 1) but not 2) . I found the right code and put it in the Head code field in Everweb for each mobile page.

That might be enough but I also created the sitemap. I used an online facility to do this but they do not deal with the relative mobile pages so had to edit this and insert the mobile URL information.

I verified the sitemap afterwards with Google and it came back correct so hopefully that and the other changes I made will allow the site to be indexed.

I think Everweb should at least automatically do 2) as it is part of the redirect referencing to identify and distinguish between desktop/mobile.
User: Paul-RAGESW 5 months ago
Hi Richard,

Can you link to the Google documentation you are following so I can provide you with the best solution?

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