Viewing Responsive layout (error?) on mobile

Responsive layout (error?) on mobile

User: Michael S. one year ago
My responsive page displays correctly on my smartphone, however I am able to "zoom out" which reveals some "extra space" under the hamburger button that is not originally displayed when the page is loaded. After that, it becomes difficult to view the webpage as intended because of the white space on the right. I have checked, and I can't find any elements that seem to be forcing the page to be too big.... I can't figure it out!
* page is in Japanese
* viewed on iPhone 12, 10 and 6s
*error does not appear when viewing webpage on a narrow window on the computer (safari or chrome)

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User: EverWeb Support one year ago
Hi Michael,

Thank you for reaching us.

Please, create a support ticket with us, and we will request your project file for an investigation.

Looking forward to your reply.

EverWeb Customer Support
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