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User: Lance L. 7 months ago
I get that EW is a desktop app and thus not intended for work across devices, and certainly not mobile ones.

But at the same time, given there's a blogging function included, it would be really good if there could be a way to at least create or draft blog posts on mobile devices. (Publishing as well - even better. But that may be way out of reach). Blogging is a bit different from web building in that sense. Maybe just impossible, but asking anyway.

A few random noob thoughts:
• a web portal accessed through a browser
• a mobile app
• possibly related to my other feature request for cloud sharing

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User: EverWeb Support 7 months ago
Hi Lance,

Thanks for your questions. You may want to try our Preview feature and a local server, which is already built into EverWeb, and allows you to preview your website even on your mobile devices without having to publish the site.

To access the option, you need to go to EverWeb => Preferences => General. There, please tick the "Use Preview Server" option and try connecting to one of the addresses that the app suggests while using your mobile device.

Hope this helps.

EverWeb Customer Support
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User: Lance L. 7 months ago

Thanks. I'm aware of the preview function. But it sounds like I may nit have been as clear as I might have been. My apologies. What I'm actually after is more than viewing the site. It's editing as well. Not of the whole site; just individual blog posts by way of at least creating editing, at least.
User: Paul-RAGESW 7 months ago
Hi Lance,

Thank you for the suggestion. We are working on what you are suggesting here.

EverWeb Developer
User: Chris B. 4 months ago
That would be a fantastic tool!. Can i second this request please Paul?, To be able to update or write a blog post on an ipad or iphone and then to publish to the site would be amazing and would stop people jumping back to wordpress.

Is this on the development schedule Paul?, do we have an estimated timescale?
User: Lance L. 4 months ago
Thanks for the 'second', Chris. :)
User: Chris B. 9 days ago
Hey guys I'm just bumping this one back up as we didn't get a response on the development timeline for this feature.
PS the Windows version of EW is awesome guys, well done!.
User: Paul-RAGESW 6 days ago
Hi Chris,

Unfortunately I don't have a timeline yet for this feature. We are working on some third party integration though to allow this.

EverWeb Developer

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