Viewing Cloud sharing between computers

Cloud sharing between computers

User: Lance L. one year ago
Just a thought ... Would it be possible (or could it be made possible) to move some or all of the EverWeb files from ~/Library/Application Support to ~/Documents, meaning they're stored in iCloud and thus editable on more than computer?

I'm no geek. But I do know this has been done with quite a few apps including some I own. I believe it involves some, but I gather not that much, recoding. It would be a big help if / when one is away from home / office with a laptop.

This is related to another feature request. But I'll make them separate.
User: wellnl one year ago
Hi Lance

Yes, you can store your project files on a cloud drive. In the projects list in the projects window, click on the up/down arrows and select show on drive. This will show the location of the project file. You can then move this file to your cloud drive. Note that when you do this, the project will not appear in the projects list any more.

To access the file, just double click on the project file in the Cloud drive or use the File-> Open command in EverWeb and navigate to the file location. Also note that EverWeb is not a network product so you should only ever have one person editing the file at one time.

Hope that helps. I use cloud drives all the time and the only thing to be aware of is to make sure that that the could drive has synched properly if you are editing the project file from two different machines.
User: Lance L. one year ago
Brilliant, thanks. This is my private project so shouldn't be any problems.

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