Viewing EverWeb 3.6 Public Beta Available

EverWeb 3.6 Public Beta Available

User: Paul-RAGESW 2 years ago
EverWeb 3.6 public beta is here to try. As always with beta versions we recommend working on a backup copy of your website projects or new projects only.

Download EverWeb 3.6 Beta

[NEW] Slide Show Fill Options for All Shapes under Inspector->Shape Options->Fill

[NEW] Responsive Rows set to Slide Show Fill can now have different objects on each slide

[NEW] Enhanced Security settings for EverWeb Site Shield Add-on to help protect your website

[NEW] Blog post images can have ALT text specified

[NEW] Dramatically improved the speed of EverWeb’s Design Canvas on Retina Macs. Dragging objects should be much faster

[NEW] Speed improvements for pages with lots of widgets on them

[FIX] Improved stability of blog post editor

[FIX] Fixed adjusting popup window dimensions for links in blog posts

[FIX] Improved error checking for FTP publishing

[FIX] Borders on full width object when exporting websites

[FIX] Issue with selecting a file for a link in the Inspector’s styled text editor

[FIX] Fixed possible layout issue with text section widget

[FIX] Facebook Like Widget improvements

[FIX] Images get properly exported as transparent PNGs when using rotation

[FIX] Issues with full width shapes on fixed width layouts that use margins

[FIX] Vertical alignment of text in shapes with borders (now align middle and bottom properly) -

[FIX] Some CSS issues with blog posts and blog post images when the images are very large

[FIX] Fixed potential crash when dropping an image on a shape set to image fill

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User: Paul-RAGESW 2 years ago
A new beta version of EverWeb 3.6 is posted at the above link.

- Fixes an issue with the ALT tags or blog post images
- Fixed previewing of very large blog posts
- Fixed issues with blogs that had an image file and were full width being set to fixed width when publishing
- Fixed popup links in blog posts
- Can now switch to different slides in a slide show from the Inspector slide show list
- Full width navigation bars in flexbox will work when using parallax
- Adjusted the publishing settings screen
- Facebook widget like fixes
- Fixed alignment of search button in search widget when using borders
- Fixed an issue with rss feeds to exporting blog post content
- Fixed an issue with blog rss feeds not having the correct path to post image

EverWeb Developer
User: Paul-RAGESW 2 years ago
EverWeb 3.6 final has been published to the link at the top of this thread.

The price of EverWeb Standalone will increase from $79.95 USD to $89.95 USD and the new features in Site Shield will update the price from $29.95 USD to $39.95 USD.

There are no price changes for existing users.

So you can lock in your price now before the official release.

EverWeb Developer

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