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User: Lance L. 4 days ago
Unless it's just my browser (Brave, mac) there's something NQR with this forum. You get an 'edit' button on each post. But if you use that and then save the edits, you wind up with a duplicate post containing the edited content under the original, still unedited. And then to add insult to injury ;) there's no 'delete' option either.

But more weirdness too: I've sometimes (but not always) had duplicate posts as a result of refreshing the page.

Not the biggest issue. But it offends my ISTJ brain ...
User: Paul-RAGESW 4 days ago
HI Lance,

The duplicate post issues comes when you reload a page after replying to a post. We do have to fix this.

I will check on the edit bug you mentioned as well.

Thanks for lettings us know.

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