Viewing Widgets or objects in blog posts

Widgets or objects in blog posts

User: Lance L. one year ago
Unless I'm mistaken, it isn't possible to insert widgets / shapes / text boxes / etc in the edit panel of a blog post. Works fine with images, but not with any other objects as best I can tell. You can add them to the preview panel but not the edit. What that translates to is that you can add an object to every single post, but not to just one post.

If I'm correct, that would be a biggie, surely?! So I hope this can be a priority. Thanks.
User: EverWeb Support one year ago
Hi Lance,

That's right, at the moment there is no such possibility to add widgets, etc. in the edit panel of a blog post. We are currently working on improving this feature, and I will definitely pass on your wishes to our developers.

Please let us know if any questions arise.

EverWeb Customer Support
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User: Lance L. one year ago
OK, thanks. Can I just reemphasise this, though? To be honest I'm a bit gobsmacked to find that the blog widget doesn't yet have a functionality such as this one. So can I respectfully urge that the developers make this one very high priority?

And if I could make a bigger - again I hope respectful - observation: This is the third or fourth (I'd have thought) rather basic piece of blogging functionality I've felt the need to raise here, that doesn't currently exist. I really want this (my switch from wordpress to everweb) to work, and overall I really like EverWeb, as a guy of seriously limited geekery ;) . But to be honest, if I'd realised how much can't be done in the blog interface I'd probably have kept scrolling and picked another web building app. (Blogging is the greater part of what I need a website for).

Having invested so much time and thought in designing my site using EverWeb, plus really liking both the app and the standard of support (you guys seriously rock), it would take a lot to pull the pin now. But at the same time, I don't feel I can go to the publishing (and subscribing) stage with still so much missing from the blog widget. In fact IMHO the blogging feature isn't really prime time ready. (Sorry).

I'm not going anywhere, and I do look forward to publishing with EW. But I do hope I've made my point both clearly and nicely about the blogging functionality.
User: Paul-RAGESW one year ago
HI Lance,

Thank you very much for the feedback.

I can assure you this is very high priority and we have plans to significantly improve blogging for EverWeb 3.7.

We will definitely use your feedback in our planning and implementation (we already have actually).

EverWeb Developer
User: Lance L. one year ago
Thanks Paul, that's awesome. Glad the feedback is useful.

A small P.S. on the original topic of this thread ... In my attempts to use the YouTube widget in the edit panel, I managed to totally overlook the video button in the edit toolbar. I've now established that I can get the desired result by pasting the video's URL in the box you get when you click that button. So that's all good. (Doesn't change the need for more widget functionality there of course).

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