Viewing Support for Vimeo in FlexBox Widget

Support for Vimeo in FlexBox Widget

User: Jesse M. 7 months ago
Would love to see Vimeo support in addition to YouTube with the video option in FlexBox. Vimeo offers more options and much cleaner look when viewing videos on a website.

I see there is a Vimeo widget that can be added to the Responsive Row widget, however the text in the Responsive Row does not adapt (adjust to fit) to phone screen size as nicely as the FlexBox text does.
User: EverWeb Support 7 months ago
Hi Jesse,

Thank you for your feature suggestion.

I have forwarded it to our developers, and they might add it in the future releases of EverWeb.

For now, you can add Vimeo Widget directly to the page, set the maximum width, and it will adjust to the size of the screen automatically.

If you have any questions, please feel free to create a support ticket with us.

EverWeb Customer Support
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