User: Gilberto J. L. 21 days ago
Since email support has gotten soooo ridiculously slow, and to a certain degree, rather irresponsible, I believe it's time to have CHAT support. The email support team has always been super courteous and helpful, nonetheless, not sure how anyone could qualify waiting seven days (and still pending) for a response as suitable service. For those of us spending most of our time working abroad, or living outside the US, phone support is not a viable solution. A Chat option is desperately needed.
User: Paul-RAGESW 20 days ago
HI Gilberto,

Sorry for the problems you are experiencing.

As you know we are working to fix a highly technical and unique issue between your connection issues and your web hosting provider. As I mentioned the delay was due to working with me and me being unable to attend to this matter at the moment. I do apologize for the delay and we are trying to figure out the issue. I have responded to your ticket with a temporary account for you to try.

Since the issue is with a third party web host and your internet connection, it exasperates the issue and there is no way for us to quickly figure out the issue.

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to provide live chat support at the moment.

Again, I do apologize for the delays.

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User: Gilberto J. L. 20 days ago
Hi Paul,

Without violating the privacy of our conversations, let me clarify that the delay was not due to a connection problem or InMotion. In addition. what I was waiting for was for you to answer two questions.: 1/ About uploading my website project to your server and 2/, to explain why pages where showing differently on your server than on EverWeb's Preview.

If your support team was to respond quickly to emails, and I mean in a few hours instead of days, there would not be a great need for Chat. However, when one has to wait days for email support and phone support is not an option for reasons you well know, then there is a group of customers that is paying a much higher price for this lack of support. Although phone support may be faster, and that may not necessarily be case depending on the circumstances, at least Chat allows the customer to attach files showing the problem. Furthermore, copies of Chat conversations could be sent to customers if he or she wishes. With a copy of that Chat conversation a customer can review exactly whatever instructions might have been given by your staff. If I was a company owner, I would much prefer having Chat and doing away with phone support or even this forum where you and your staff are forced to participate. This forum could run like other forums, where users help other users. Doing so would liberate time to care for those serious problems which are now being left behind.

Let no one forget that there is one group of people being impacted. What good is phone support to those folks with a hearing or voice impediment?

My best,
User: Courtney H. 18 days ago
Hi Gilbert -

I thought I'd stick my nose in here. I am surprised to hear of the delay in TS response. In the years I've had EW they have been very responsive. Usually a couple of hours at worst.
I do know many of us try to help others, like most forums, but as you see there aren't many problems...which is a good thing. From what Paul is describing your issue is way above our heads anyway. We generally answer stuff like "How to make a link", etc. :-)
Anyway, hang in - I'm sure the answer is coming as soon as Paul springs loose.


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