Viewing Adjustments to accommodate HI-RES monitors

Adjustments to accommodate HI-RES monitors

User: Courtney H. 28 days ago
Like so many today, I use a 4K HI-RES monitor. Actually my iMac has a 5K and some stuff in EW is tough to see or click on.
For example the up/down arrows for the text adjustments (spacing, line height etc) are difficult to select sometimes if I'm a smiggen off with the mouse. If there were a way to set the default attributes it wouldn't be that much of a problem. I use 1.04 line spacing and 7 for after paragraph so I have to constantly adjust these two when importing text. Come to think of it - having a way to set these as some default would be a great enhancement.

Anyway, there a few of these naggy things when using HI-RES monitors. It would be great if they can be addressed some day.

MrCourtney - Honolulu, HI
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User: Ole V. 28 days ago
Quote: Courtney H. - 22/09/2021 3:14:33
having a way to set these as some default would be a great enhancement

User: EverWeb Support 28 days ago
Hi Courtney,

Thank you for your feature suggestion.

I have forwarded it to our Technical Department and this feature might be added in future releases of EverWeb.

Please, feel free to create a support ticket with us if you have any further questions.

EverWeb Customer Support
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