Viewing When converting a page to a directory...

When converting a page to a directory...

User: Ole V. one month ago
Let's say I have a page called News.
I can convert this page into a directory, and add several pages to that folder, like Good News, Bad News etc.

But what do I do if I want that very page – the one that I just converted from being a page to a directory – to be available as one of the menu items?

Thanks in advance.
User: EverWeb Support one month ago
Hi Ole,

Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to create a drop-down menu inside another drop-down menu.

You can either include a directory to a navigation menu and then include other pages that are under that directory to navigation menu, or just create a textbox and hyperlink the text to one of your pages, so that it behaves like a navigation menu.

If you have any questions, please feel free to create a support ticket with us.

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User: wellnl one month ago
Hello Ole

You can have the directory page as a menu item but it has to be the the heading itself e.g. News is the directory with Bad News and Good News as pages within it. For the Directory Page, News, in the Page Settings tab, make sure that 'Redirect to child page' is Unchecked. In this way the News page is accessible and can be clicked upon. If the Redirect to child page option has been checked, you will see the a message on the News page 'Press the add page button...'

And as the support team say, EverWeb supports only one level of folders in the Navigation Menu widget.
User: Ole V. one month ago
Thanks, I had figured out that I can't have dropdown-menus inside a dropdown menu, but I'm still confused.

" For the Directory Page, News, in the Page Settings tab, make sure that 'Redirect to child page' is Unchecked. "

As fas I I can tell, that's only an option for the actual directory, not for the normal pages within it?

So, my directory is called News in this example, and I have created it by converting a page that already had a lot of stuff on it, which I want to keep. If I have Redirect etc unchecked, I can see the text etc on that page if with a short click on the menu heading, but my visitors won't find that page anymore if following existing google links, links posted elsewhere or bookmarks, because it isn't called news.html anymore: it is called/directoryname/index.html

I guess there's no way around that limitation other than keeping the original page as is, make a copy of it it and convert it to a directory, and then give it a slightly different name – like News instead of news?

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