Viewing Seeking advise on upgrade

Seeking advise on upgrade

User: Chris B. 2 years ago
I'm from the UK and thinking about upgrading to a hosting package with Everweb.

Questions i have

1) Can i use a address with yourselves or does it need to be .com?
2) The hosting mentions bandwidth limits, is this still a thing for some hosts? Would i be subject to bandwidth limits as an edit and upload of my site will take an amount of this?.

User: EverWeb Support 2 years ago
Hi Chris,

Thank you for contacting us.

1. Yes, you can use domain and host it with us.
2. Yes, there is a bandwidth limit for each license, but you can also upgrade to a bigger package if you reach your bandwidth limit.
Bandwidth usage depends on the number of users that are visiting your website and your website's content. If you don't have any videos on your site I don't think you will have any issues with your bandwidth. Using or to host video and audio will make sure you don't use up a lot of bandwidth.

Publish your website won't use a lot of bandwidth.

Feel free to create a support ticket with us if you have any questions.

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