Viewing Setting Maximum Width in Blog Posts

Setting Maximum Width in Blog Posts

User: Rachael B. 3 months ago
Is there some way to set a maximum dimension to blogposts?
Right now, they look really wide and spread out.
I would like to limit the width but the entire section is greyed out.

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User: EverWeb Support 3 months ago
Hi Rachael,

You can set maximum width of the blog page under Inspector Tab - > Page Settings - > Maximum Width.

You have to actually select the Blog Post object in the Design Canvas. Your cursor is probably in the editor window so you cannot adjust the those settings shown in your screenshot.

Alternatively, you can adjust the width of blogs list by selecting it first and then - > Inspector Tab - > Metrics - > Adjust the width there.

Feel free to create a support ticket with us if you have any questions.

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