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EverWeb 3.5.1 Beta Available

User: Paul-RAGESW 2 years ago
We're please to announce that EverWeb 3.5.1 beta is now available to try. A beta means this version has not yet been fully tested but we don't expect to have any major issues.

Although this is considered a minor .1 update, it actually includes a lot of new enhancements and fixes.

The biggest change is that with any Widget that uses a list of assets, or a list of controls (such as Contact Forms Advanced, FlexBox, Image Galleries) you can now select multiple items and adjust their settings in the Inspector. This makes it much faster and easier to apply changes to multiple items that you have added to the Widget.

For example, if you wanted to change the width of multiple images in an Image Gallery, you can select multiple images and adjust the width for all of them at once as shown in the attached image.

Download EverWeb 3.5.1 Beta

[NEW] Any widgets that have a list of assets or a list of controls (ex: FlexBox, Contact Forms, Image Galleries), if you select multiple items in the list, you can adjust the settings for each selected item

[NEW] You can now preview images in the Assets list for widgets with the space bar

[NEW] Some settings in a Widgets Assets list that won’t affect the UI in EverWeb won’t cause a widget to have to update itself in EverWeb’s design canvas

[NEW] You can now right click on an object in a responsive row to remove it from the responsive row

[NEW] Double clicking an object that is from a master page will show a warning that you have to edit it from the master page and provide an option to go to the Master Page

[NEW] If a crash report appears and can’t be sent for some reason, the next time you launch EverWeb you will have the opportunity to send the crash report

[NEW] You can now paste a list of keywords separated by a , in one row of the keywords list and EverWeb will automatically parse them into their own row

[NEW] FlexBox buttons now have border styles and a max width property

[NEW] FlexBox gets a transparency option for image overlay background color

[NEW] Site Search now uses page names if there is no title

[NEW] Publish Settings Screen has an Add Domain button to easily register a new domain or add a domain as an add-on

[NEW] Support for additional FTP servers with enhanced security settings

[FIX] Better error checking when an image can’t be published

[FIX] Fix for shapes with no fill and a border not being published properly

[FIX] Spelling corrections in search results widget

[FIX] Fixed blog updating issues on macOS 10.16

[FIX] Fixed blog cover image not appearing on macOS 10.16

[FIX] Better error checking and warning when trying to preview a site without any pages

[FIX] Arrow keys work again to navigate the assets list when previewing an image

[FIX] Some buttons will properly auto resize when using different languages if the text in that language doesn’t fit

[FIX] Improvements to previewing certain widgets within EverWeb’s design canvas
[FIX] Fixes for the image gallery and pressing the pagination buttons within the Design Canvas

[FIX] File links work again in widget’s with the Styled text Editor

[FIX] Insert Date features works for non english systems

[FIX] FTP timeout window now shows the error along with the automatic reconnection/republish feature

[FIX] Changing the navigation bar name for a page not in the navigation bar won’t mark the pages with a navigation bar to be re-published

[FIX] Search video added to Site Search widget

[FIX] Removed the show title checkbox in Youtube widget since this setting is no longer valid

[FIX] Fixed crash when using large images for Image Fill and adjusting the Scale settings

[FIX} Fixed widgets previews when replacing an assets used by that widget

[FIX] Using Replace Asset with an image asset and selecting a new image with a different image extension will not use the new image extension

[FIX] Widgets now respect default link styles

[FIX] Fixed issue responsive rows that contain full width objects

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User: Cornelis V. 2 years ago
Thanks for this impressive ßeta update! Especially that the 'Space bar –> arrow keys' previewing of the assets list found it's way back to EW3.
But – is it also possible that you could stop the 'error chime' sound to play each time that you press an arrow-key?
User: Paul-RAGESW 2 years ago
Quote: Cornelis V. - 31/08/2021 9:14:50
Thanks for this impressive ßeta update! Especially that the 'Space bar –> arrow keys' previewing of the assets list found it's way back to EW3.
But – is it also possible that you could stop the 'error chime' sound to play each time that you press an arrow-key?

Thank you Cornelis, we have fixed this for the next beta.

EverWeb Developer
User: Paul-RAGESW 2 years ago
A new beta version has been posted at the link in the original post above.

- Fixed a possible crash with selecting web pages in the Page List on computers that use a comma for the decimal separator
- Fixed a system chime when using the arrow keys while the Quick View window is opened in the Assets list
- When using non english characters in file names they will be automatically converted to their english equivalent instead of being removed
- Fixed Widgets always being added to the top of the Design Canvas on a responsive page
- Improved error message when trying to publish a web site on a version of EverWeb that is not within the upgrade period
- Fixed the maximum connections error when trying to publish to an FTP server that does not allow the specified number of connections
- Fixed youtube video width when added to a Flexbox

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