Viewing Looking for EverWeb for Windows?

Looking for EverWeb for Windows?

User: Paul-RAGESW one month ago
Is EverWeb for Windows something you'd like to see?

We recently posted this question on our Facebook page and would love to get some feedback. Let us know over at EverWeb Facebook or by commenting below here!

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User: David W. one month ago
Yes, I would definitely want a windows version, Apple in their wisdom are forever changing the goal posts. We use a dedicated CAD software that the developers are now no longer interested in developing a mac version so we are being forced to revert back to windows. Problem is the last time i was a windows user it was XP! going to have to learn windows again.
User: Courtney H. one month ago
I would love a Windows version as long as the file produced can also be used with the Mac version. I realize that would entail more work to keep the enhancements in sync but the advantages to the user would be great. I have specific graphics software I use that are Win only. The requires I do the work on Windows and then pull it in on the Mac to use. Not a big thing but still extra steps.
Win 10+ is very stable and as the previous poster says, some companies are dropping Mac. aWin will be around until the world ends.

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User: Chris B. 28 days ago
This would be an amazing breakthrough if this was available on Windows. I use both Mac and Windows daily and would love to swap the files between the two platforms.

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