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User: Susan S. 11 months ago
Ok, I did search this topic and I know that if I was using Everweb Hosting I could easily have a member area. But I sort of remember reading here (maybe years ago) that somehow "membership/password protection" was going to be changed or made easier - something like that.

Is anything new with that? I need to have a member area on a website, that member area has to have about 5 pages on it. So did anything change with EverWeb if you don't use them for your host?

Is it still possible to set up a member area on another server like InMotion or say GoDaddy?

One other question for the member area...(or any area on a site). If I include a PDF can it be set up so they can view it but NOT download it?

Many thanks for any help, this is for a local non-profit that I'd really like to help out but before I commit I need to know how difficult this will be.

Thank you.

User: EverWeb Support 11 months ago
Hi Susan,

Thank you for reaching us.

Could you please elaborate on your question regarding member area? Do you want to create a login system on your website?
You can create a support ticket, and we will assist.

As for PDF Files, you can add them to the page using PDF Viewer Widget from EverWeb Garden:

Hope that helps.

EverWeb Customer Support
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User: Susan S. 11 months ago
I want 5 pages that are only accessible to "members" i.e. people with the sign-in ID and password. So the website would have 5 pages that anyone can see and then 5 pages that are for members only who have the sign-in information. My website isn't hosted with EverWeb I have space at So yes I want a login system on the website.

I looked at. the PDF viewer widget from EverWeb Garden but does it prevent people from downloading the PDF (I do understand they could take a screenshot)?

Many thanks!
User: Paul-RAGESW 11 months ago
Hi Susan,

This is a system we are working hard to get released as soon as possible.It will let you do exactly this.

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