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User: Carol Ann L. one year ago
I am having a problem with the above widget only showing half of the wording horizontally. Is anyone else experiencing this problem and is there a fix?

Apple Big Sur Ver 11.5
MacBook Pro Laptop
EverWeb 3.5.0, Build 2483

Carol Ann Lombardo
User: Paul-RAGESW one year ago
Hi Carol,

This is a third party widget you are referring to. However, in the latest versions of EverWeb it is not needed since you can just create your own link the Top of the Page with any element from Inspector->Hyperlinks tab.

EverWeb Developer
User: Carol Ann L. one year ago
It has always worked fine in previous months but I noted this when I was working on the website. I also noted that when the site is published, it publishes in its entirety. No half wording. Thank you for responding. Oh, and I like your recommendation.

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