Viewing Audio, no Video in Chrome and FireFox

Audio, no Video in Chrome and FireFox

User: Carol Ann L. 10 months ago
I am trying to add an MP4 video to my site and using the MP4 widget or just the Video widget, I get only audio in Preview. If I Preview in Safari, I get audio and video.

I am using Apple Big Sur 11.5 on an Apple MacBook Pro with EverWeb 3.5, Build 2483.

Is anyone else having this problem and how have you fixed it?

Thank you.

Carol Ann Lombrdo
User: Joris M. 9 months ago
Hi Carol,

Please, create a support ticket with, as we will need your project file to investigate the issue.

Looking forward to your reply.
User: Carol Ann L. 9 months ago
I solved the problem. Even though the video was created on an iPhone, somehow when I downloaded it, it changed to a .mov file. So I opened the .mov file in Movie and save it to a file, this time mp4. All is now right with the world. Thank you.

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