Viewing Image gallery pagination not working in EverWeb

Image gallery pagination not working in EverWeb

User: Andy K. 6 months ago
I have image galleries that run to a number of pages. When trying to navigate to a picture on a page that is not the first page, the pagination does not work. It works perfectly once published on the web, but not in the actual program. So, to get to a picture on, say page five I have to go into the assets list and guess what image is on that page. As my images are in date order, that is not so difficult. But this is clearly a bug you would like to know about.
I assume.

Andy Kyle
User: EverWeb Support 6 months ago
Hi Andy,

Thank you for details on the issue.

Please, create a support ticket, and we will assist you with this issue.

Looking forward to your reply.

EverWeb Customer Support
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Benjamin Franklin
User: Paul-RAGESW 6 months ago
Hi Andy,

Sorry for the problems you are experiencing.

Just to let you know, this will be fixed in EverWeb 3.5.1.

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