Viewing Gallery Problem it has icons??

Gallery Problem it has icons??

User: Susan S. 2 months ago
Ok, this is weird.

If you look at this test page on your computer you'll see when you start the gallery (click on one of the images) it has little squares at the top right that zoom in or turn off the gallery. I wish they were labeled because no one who's tried this has any idea what they are for. But that's a different issue.

If you go to the same page on your phone (I'm using an iPhone 8) instead of little squares it has icons from my text messages.... a plane, a Christmas tree, a bomb. HUH? Why are they there and how do I get rid of them??

I've added a screenshot from my phone below. Is that supposed to happen??

See the image here:


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User: Susan S. 2 months ago
I tried to add the screenshot I'll try here:

Didn't work and I've done it a few times. No idea why but a link to the screenshot is in my original post and you can see it there.

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User: EverWeb Support 2 months ago
Hi Susan,

Thank you for reaching us!

Please, republish your website and this issue should disappear and the buttons in Image Gallery will show up correctly.

You can create a Support ticket if republishing doesn't help.

Looking forward to your reply.

EverWeb Customer Support
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User: Susan S. 2 months ago
Ok making a support ticket because I posted the link above it IS published. It's online and you can see it here:

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