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Navigation menu - email

User: Susan S. 2 months ago
I have a friend that doesn't want a contact page or form on her website. She just wants a link in the menu bar. That was easy to do (I think) on the main site. I just added the email link "contact" next to the menu bar (see my screenshot below).

But on a mobile site with a hamburger menu, I don't see any way of doing this. Is there something I'm missing or a workaround for this?


PS - If not please put this on the list of things to include in the future!
User: Paul-RAGESW 2 months ago
Hi Susan,

I would suggest that you use this navigation bar and add the button with a mailto Link;

Click the checkbox for the button and then click the Link button. Then use the URL option and enter;

Now that button will open your email client.

If you want to use the built in navigation bar, add a new page to your site and include it in your navigation bar.

Then scroll down in the Inspector->Page Settings to the Header section and enter this code;
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;" />

Change to whatever email you would like to use.

You may see security popups in some browsers because it is a redirect trying to open your email client. Please test it and see if it works for you. I do recommend the first option though.

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