Viewing incorrect behavior in new EW 3.5 search widget

incorrect behavior in new EW 3.5 search widget

User: Mike H. 2 months ago
I just tried out the new search field widget and accompanying search results widget. I configured the search field widget to use one of my pages that has the search results widget installed. The search field widget works as advertised on a Mac running Safari, and links to the search results page with the results. However, when I try it on my iPhone or iPad, the search field sends you to the home page. The other two behavior modes, the drop-down menu and pop-up window work fine on all devices.

Anyone else seen this behavior?

User: wellnl 2 months ago
Hi Mike

I just tried this and it works OK for me when running on an iPhone using Safari. The only (obvious) thing I can think of is to check that you have Search Results field set to "One of my pages" and the "Search Results Page" field set as the page where you have installed the Search Results widget.

That's all I did and also a full republish.. Good luck, hope it's an easy thing to fix!
User: Mike H. 2 months ago
Thanks for trying this out. After verifying that I had all the settings correct, I went ahead and deleted the search results page I had made and created a new one. I followed the directions and now the widget is behaving as expected on all platforms. I suspect there was a corrupted page, rather than a bug in the widget? All is well, thanks again.
User: Paul-RAGESW 2 months ago
Hi Mike,

Thank you for the update and glad to hear it is working better for you now.

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