Viewing Please recommend real estate site samples

Please recommend real estate site samples

User: Ronald S. 2 months ago
Sorry for basic question. Converting from freeway press to everweb. Hope someone can recommend real estate sites created in everweb fir ideas of layout
User: EverWeb Support 2 months ago
Hey Ronald,

Thanks for reaching out.

You may want to look through the templates we have here,

Or download them directly in EverWeb, in Templates => Check the new templates

Alternatively, you could reach out to our support team, and we could help designing a website specially for you.


EverWeb Customer Support
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User: Courtney H. 2 months ago
Ronald -

I build all my sites by hand and don't use templates. I realize that is not for everyone, but some of the "rules" still apply. It's always a good idea to get a strong sense of what you want to show or say. You want the Home of the Week highlighted? You want the usual 3 columns with general info? You want lots of pictures and how will you tie them to the front page? Then look for a template that can give you something close (and you can modify it)
Getting a generic template without a good idea of what you want is going to force you into presenting your information in a cookie-cutter format. You need to stand out.
Good luck!

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User: Roddy one month ago
The EverWeb ThemeKit Agency widgets have been designed for real estate, architects, designers etc to create a website that goes beyond the limitations of the EverWeb default features and existing widgets.

Agency Widgets

Read about Business Essentials

Navigation essentials for responsive sites


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