Viewing spacing of captions in Image Gallery

spacing of captions in Image Gallery

User: Susan S. 3 months ago
I'm working on a new site and in the image gallery, the spacing between the lines of the captioning is really large. I can change the font, the font color, but I can't seem to figure out how to change that spacing.

I apparently have done it before because I have another site where the spacing is better.

I tried selecting the image gallery, then clicking on the "T" for text changes. No matter what I change "line-height" to nothing changes.

This is the temporary location of the site I'm working on:

You can see there is at least a full line in between each line.

On this site I did a while back there are no big line spaces:

What am I doing wrong?

User: EverWeb Support 3 months ago
Hi Susan,

Thanks for your question.

Please make sure that you don't have empty lines between the text lines - that might be the reason.

If it won't help, please open a support ticket, so that we could check your project file.

Best Regards,

EverWeb Customer Support
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User: Susan S. 3 months ago
Nope, that didn't help. I'll put in a support ticket.


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