Viewing drop dow menu header font size

drop dow menu header font size

User: Jack P. 6 days ago
i have created a drop down menu...i have changed the individual link font sizes but the heading size has not do i do that...all the drop diwn links are now bigger than the heading size which looks weird...
User: Courtney H. 6 days ago
Jack -

The "heading" takes the size of the main top menu. You have to make the top menu font size larger - which can come with it's own crazy-looking problems.
My suggestion is make the top menu all caps - bold and the links normal. The top will "look" bigger. You may have to fiddle with the page so it's in balance with that look but it works.

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User: EverWeb Support 6 days ago
Hi Jack,

If you apply the font to the navigation menu, it will also affect the drop-down menu. The same goes with the font size.

Courtney's suggestion is correct, you can set the navigation menu display name for directories all in upper case and it will look "bigger" than the pages in drop-down menu.

Let me know if any questions arise.

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