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Poll: Everweb app for ipad or iPhone to enable blog update remotely
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User: Chris B. 4 months ago
Would it be possible to look at potentially updating or posting to my everweb blog without having to re upload elements of my site? For example a dedicated everweb ipad or iPhone app that allowed you to write or update the post and add a header image etc and publish at the push of a button? .

This would be amazing if support for this could be looked at as it would really open the possibilities for advice updates on the go.
User: EverWeb Support 4 months ago
Hi Chris,

Unfortunately, EverWeb is available for Mac only.

You can update your existing blog page or add a new one and go to top menu bar - > File - > Publish Site Changes.
It will upload the pages that were added or edited only.

Let me know if any questions arise.

EverWeb Customer Support
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User: Chris B. 4 months ago
Quote: EverWeb Support - 11/05/2021 21:57:07
Hi Chris,

Unfortunately, EverWeb is available for Mac only.

Erm, i know that that's why i posted the feature request. I think you may have misunderstood my request!. Its an inconvenience having to upload changes via FTP every time i add a new post. This is why i requested an app that will enable posts to be created and or edited remotely. Other blogs allow for this it saves a lot of time and allows updates to happen when traveling etc.

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