Viewing New folder in assets issue…

New folder in assets issue…

User: james 4 months ago
I'm assuming the this is since the last update, because it has been a while since I added new folders in assets.

The folder seems to add normally and I put a couple of images in.

BUT when I go to create a new blog posting and select Post (cover) Image, it is not available in the selections.

This happens no matter at what level I place the folder. Makes it impossible to select an image in the new folder for the posting cover image.

I can, oddly, find them in Assets and drag them into the posting body.

This is also the case for adding images to and through widgets like Colorbox.

Saving, quitting and re launching does not help.

For now I'm simply adding images into existing folders.

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User: Paul-RAGESW 4 months ago
Hi James,

Sorry for the problems you are experiencing.

I just tried to duplicate this issue. I added a folder under assets and put an image in there.

Then I added a blog and added a new new post.

When I got to Inspector->Blog Settings I can select the Post Image. Please see the attached screenshot.

Are these the steps you followed?

If so, and if it doesn't work, we would need to see your project file. Please contact customer support and we will get this resolved ASAP.

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